Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The List

"* BEST Disclaimer: All "Best of" represents only this Fat Guy's opinion. Happy to have a lively debate.

Lower East Side/East Village Area:

Russ & Daughters* Cafe (smoked fish)
DBGB (sausages & beer)*
Angel's Share - get bombed on Martinis on an early Friday evening in a window seat
Sushi Dojo: very good sushi, good price, tiny
Brindle Room: Best Cheeseburger
Mighty Quinn's (BBQ) (ok)
Katz's Deli (ok)

Union Square Area:

Union Square Cafe*
Gramercy Tavern
15 East - Sushi, pretty good at the bar
Al'Onda @ bar
Shuko* - Kaiseki & sushi - not as good/dreamy sushi as Nakazawa, but pretty good and interesting kaiseki
Strip House (My "usual" local steakhouse; nothing crazy, but reliable. Watch your check and receipt in 30 days, they fuck around)
Old Town Bar: great burger, Nachos; old-school place

Midtown and South of Midtown Area:

Bobby Van's (Just N. of grand central, steak, better than either Wollenski's)
Resto/The Cannibal (terrible owner, decent food)
The John Dory (fish, small dishes)
The Breslin
Sushi Yasuda
Grand Central Oyster Bar
Keen's (steak, mutton chop)

West Village:

The Dutch - Esp fried Chicken
Sushi Nakazawa*
Del Posto $$$
Little Owl (tiny)
Hakata TonTon (pigs feet, other pork)
Blue Ribbon (Small; open late; Opens @ 4 pm, nice to have the place all to yourself for an hour plus, they burn the sweetbreads)
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Takashi (Japanese grill, weird parts)
Spotted pig
Minetta Tavern
Fedora (warning: much red peppers)
Faccio's Pork Store: No seating - best Italian Sub in NYC*

Ippudo (IMHO Best Ramen)*
Balthazar - don't go crazy
Lafayette - don't go crazy
Vic's - (Replaced the restaurant called "5 Points")

Have not been to in the last 12 months, but still fond of:

The Modern
Jean Georges - dress up
Daniel (fine) - jacket
Cafe Boulud (fine) - jacket
Peter Lugers (steak, cash only)

Still to go to:
Charlie Bird
Black Seed bagels
La Folie in SF
Virginia's @ 11th and C

went to Upland - meh.

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